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Introducing sharing right into the kitchen, share your home as a part-time restaurant or event place and be rewarded with PIE tokens.

About Pieme

Authentic Home Cooked Local Dishes: By us, For us

The idea of Pieme is not to create a new Uber eats, Jumia food or Deliveroo database but to enhance the narrative database, which is radically different from the ones found on the internet that big data hoarders manipulate. Pieme system allows us to engage the next generation in defining the future state of our communities, which influences and perpetuates our cultures.

Getting the world to realize the traditional local dishes and cultural diversities of our people and tribes elucidates the bigger problem of conglomerates dominating the landscape. We are creating awareness and sustaining cultural influences driven away by capitalism through decentralized food delivery services.

Pieme a local food system rewards users for using the decentralized platform to incentivize use, encourages local chefs in small villages to open their restaurants from their homes.

Pieme focuses on being a decentralized platform connecting people to authentic local dishes prepared by the locals themselves without middle players

PIE Token

Pieme Token (PIE)

The currency used on Pieme is PIE token, which creates a micro-economy where people act as individual local ethnographers to their communities by increasing awareness of each village’s traditional dishes

Awesome features

Pieme Features

Host Section

Turn your home into a apart-time restaurant or event venue

Guest Section

Find authentic local dishes from locals around you

Chat Section

Connect with guests in both private and group conversations

Pie Section

Share news and experiences with the world around you


Market size

     Restaurant $1.2 Trillion 

Sharing economy $335 B by 2025

Food delivery $154 B by 2023

Our Journey


Q2 2020
Pieme Development
Development of Android, iOS and web versions.
Q2 2020
Q4 2020
Beta Testing
Testing with a few users for meal and event hosting
Q4 2020
Q1 2021
Public testing
Community of over 2000 testers ushered in
Q1 2021
Q1 2021
Bug fixing
Platform improvement, bug fix and general performance
Q1 2021
RRN Website Dev
Q2 2021
Release of PIE token, website, Smart contract, Community building
RRN Website Dev
Q4 2021
Token sale
Seed, Private, Public round, token listing.
Q4 2021
Pieme Marketing and Further Dev
Q1 2022
Online and offline Marketing, Partnerships, Merchant onboarding. Introduction of Online payments with PIE, and fiat.
Pieme Marketing and Further Dev
More Listing & Dev
Listing PIE on more exchanges, introduction of food donation and sponsoring functionalities & Events live streaming,
More Listing & Dev
Further Dev
Q3 2022
Advertising open to Brands, Token repurchasing and lockup, marketing, Tipping, Partnerships
Further Dev
Why we created the token

Why PIE Token


The current Restaurant and event sector is centralized and relies on multiple intermediaries to conduct their transactions. Each intermediary adds a cost that hosts, and guests end up paying for. In these Centralized platforms, transaction fees can range from 10% to 22%, broken down here

Platform Fees (3% - 15%)

Centralized meal sharing platforms charge a commission to use their platform, which is incurred by hosts and guests.

Currency Conversion Fees (1%)

Currency Conversion Fees result from the Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), a fee charged to see the transaction cost in your preferred currency denomination. DCC rates are worse than traditional rates, but some platforms charge the currency conversion fee unknown to the user

Financial Institutions Fees (1-3%)

Financial institutions such as Visa, PayPal and Mastercard etc. charge flat fees for managing transactions

Foreign Transaction Fees (1-3%)

A transaction usually requires different Denominations. As a result, foreign transaction fees are charged for transactions made outside the country where the user credit/debit card was issued


Privacy and security. PIE token provides a seamless user experience based on trust and security through the Blockchain. By using its in-house PIE token, Pieme platform provides its hosts and Guests with privacy, security, and freedom to carry out event and meal transactions without third party interference.

PIE token


PIE token

RRN Tokenomics

Token name

Token Symbol

Max supply





Liquidity mining

Platform rewards


Marketing and further Dev


















Pieme is a platform that allows people to turn their homes into part-time restaurants or event venues. The platform helps people share news, thoughts and experiences through text or media, and to chat with friends and loved ones in both private and group conversations. It’s a unique platform based on recommendations from chefs, event organizers and the public with inspiration from apps like Uber that let people use their cars as part-time taxis or Airbnb that gives people a platform to turn their homes into part-time guest houses.

The idea of Pieme is not to create a new uber eats, Jumia food or Deliveroo database but to enhance the narrative database, which is radically different from the ones found on the internet that big data hoarders manipulate. Pieme system allows us to engage the next generation in defining the future state of our communities, which influences and perpetuates our cultures.

Cost of food.

Most people prefer paying service providers directly than middle men who add charges on food, the cost has increased due to the charges added up by food delivery companies, online food delivery business has boomed that has led to the rise in the number of ghost kitchens. A ghost kitchen differs from traditional food takeout service because there is no direct interaction between the customer and the restaurant. A customer can order food via a third-party food delivery company and dropped off by the same company.

Disconnection from the city and its cultures. 

This is as a result of ghost kitchens. There is no direct connection between the guest and the person offering food, this keeps people in new locations disconnected from the communities around them together with their cultures.

No easy way exists that connects people to authentic local dishes from communities around them

Pieme enables people to turn their homes into part-time restaurants or event venues. lets take an example of someone in a new area, craving for his authentic local food, currently its not easy to identify a restaurant available with it, however someone in the same area who shares same cultures would be available and willing to offer similar food from their home. As a guest you can find that local food shared by the host or create your custom meal order so that anyone available and able to prepare it can do so on your terms and budget

Open Pieme, navigate to the guest section, select meals, all available meals near you will be displayed. you can search by price, distance, food category and food popularity, all these filters are available to make your search easy and fan.

Pieme supports and encourages payment using PIE token to enjoy huge discounts, however fiat currencies will also be accepted on the platform based on what the host is willing to receive.

Yes Pieme is very secure, we use the best security and encryption of user information. 

We provide user ratings and reviews, these cant be manipulated or deleted, we pull down hosts with bad ratings and engage guests of the matter. We also do verification of users to ensure high quality hygiene. Please send requests to hosts with a verification blue badge

PIE token is the native crypto token of Pieme. It’s used by guests to order for meals and pay event tickets, brands to use for paying advertising fees and any other fees required on Pieme platform

PIE is a BEP 20 standard token.

PIE is backed by Pieme, all fees collected from Pieme are either in PIE tokens or automatically converted into PIE tokens. PIE is also backed up by its community.

There is a maximum of 100,000,000 PIE  tokens, no more tokens will ever be created 

Through rewards, Pieme compensates users who engage on the platform inform of rewards, tokens can also be acquired by purchasing them on exchange platforms, and the sale rounds coming up (Seed, Private and Public)

  • Exchanging PIE tokens on Public exchanges to other crypto and fiat currencies when listed
  • Pay for meals and events on Pieme
  • Pay advertising fees on Pieme
  • Reward users and make food donations to those in need

No, maybe at a later stage

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We are delighted to announce that Nathan Cooper has joined our Advisory Board. The Pieme team not only appreciates the vast knowledge and wealth of experience Nathan will bring to the team, but we are also

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Pieme focuses on connecting people to authentic home-cooked food and culture through food and events around the world. Food sharing introduces a completely new component to the dining experience, socializing with strangers.

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